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Maybe your business does not need or you cannot assign budget to full time personnel to support your network infrastructure. We analyze your current setup and suggest improvements or changes. Then we take care of keeping your valuable networking assets up and running smoothly. They include hardware and software components such as routers, firewalls, servers and cabling.

Web development

Times are gone where web sites needed only be beautiful. Now we need pretty web sites backed by solid backends and databases maybe spread among several locations. We determine your needs and design and develop powerfull internet solutions based on open standards such as HTML 5, XML, Javascript, JSON, MySQL Server that run on open source secure and efficient platforms.

Communications solutions

Together we discuss your needs and budget and develop a custom and cost effective communications solution for you company. Components include voice over IP Private Branch Exchanges (VoIP PBXs), data and video conferencing systems. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are among several bundled methods to ensure your mission critical information is kept safe and private.

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Terms and Conditions

This website is a supplementary service offered by DtelOnline to its clients to inform about products, services and promotions, speed up the process of choosing and purchasing our products. We also do our best to expand online customer service options. When you navigate this site, been logged in to an account or anonymously, you implicitly agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

DtelOnline takes security very seriously and we think your personal information belongs only to you, so we only request what is strictly necessary to provide your selected services and that information is backed by our “Privacy Policy”. We sell networking and computation hardware and always advise to make good use of it as well as of the technical information available on this site. Once you acquire our products and services we have absolutely no liability for any misuse of them. You are allowed to use this site for reading technology papers, download hardware manuals and in general for informational purposes. You can also buy our products online in a secure way. You are not allowed to use this site for any fraudulent activities. Any suspicious event will be appropriately probed and if necessary notified to the pertinent authorities.

Refund Policy

At DtelOnline, you are our most valued asset, so when you buy any of our products or services you are totally protected by our “Return and Refund Policy” subject to the following rules:

Privacy Policy

Information collection and use

In order to buy our products and services you are required to create an account here. By doing so you acknowledge you are of legal age and have provided valid information. We need data such as your name and address in order to be able to deliver the products you buy. We also use your information to improve the services and support your receive, and occasionally sending you offers and promotions based on your shopping history. We DON'T store your credit card numbers or card security pins on our servers. Read “Information security” below where the process is explained.

Information disclosure

We are very serious about your privacy so will never disclose your personal information outside our company and will not use it for any other purposes than stated above. The only exceptions would be to comply with the law or to defend the company within the framework of a legal process.

Access and communication preferences

You can disable at any time the delivery of phone, e-mail and other promotional services by editing your account properties online. You can even contact us at support@detelonline.com if you want to remove your account. In that case all your personal information will be totally deleted from our servers. There is an exception regarding transaction data which needs to be stored for at least one year for accounting purposes.

Information security

We use state of the art security technologies to protect you information from unauthorized access. Our servers are located on properly certified data centers with strictly controlled access rules and strong physical protection. Access to your account online is protected by your personal password and all communications between your browser and our servers is encrypted using SSL which avoids plain text data sniffing over the Internet. Your payment information is transmitted encrypted and processed by publicly certified and secure gateways such as Paypal and Authorize.net and as stated above we don't store on our servers any payment related info such as credit card numbers or pins.

We keep website access logs, which include any visitor IP address even yours, in order to trace and diagnose server problems or to be used as forensic evidence in the event of a security breach.

About us

The company

Our company was created in 2016 and since then has evolved from a general purpose technology to a highly specialized internet communications company. Our technical staff is a mix of more than 20 years experience senior engeneers and young and creative developers. This has allowed us to adapt to the current fast changing technological environment.

Face to face

We have becomed respected players in the business by providing customers customized person to person support. We understand that currently most problems in the IT environment stand on the lack of technlogical culture by common people. That is why we provide the solutions to our clients and explain them how to use in plain everyday language.


Our team being rooted in United States and Latin America makes us honor and strongly respect our countries multicultural and multiethnical traditions.

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